Welcome to Baldivis Secondary College

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Baldivis Secondary College website. I hope you find it both interesting and informative. Baldivis Secondary College is a proud Independent Public School. We take pride in working closely with our community. To date I have had the great pleasure of meeting, getting to know and collaborating with the parents and students of our great college. Together we have formulated policies and ethos for the school. Interestingly most have had the same vision and hope for the development of the college.

I hope that you will see that our fundamental core value here is respect. It really underpins all that we do and the way in which we do it.

Keith Svendsen - Principal

The facilities are second to none and we are extremely fortunate to have had architects and builders who understood what was required and left no stone unturned to design and make it happen. The Department of Education WA has been a leading light in getting the project complete and on time as well as supportive in getting cutting edge technologies embedded in the college for staff and students to utilise. There is so much more to come in the next 2-3 years and will add to the already impressive resources and facilities.

As great as our facilities are our most important asset is our people. Ranging from our students to the support staff, the teaching staff and the parents we have so much potential, skills, abilities and talents. Working collaboratively to ensure that each student reaches his or her potential is what we are all about.

I look forward to the journey ahead with great excitement and high expectations.